Bespoke Solutions for International Estate



With more than 50 years experience in dealing with complex international estates and international probate Genealogy, EXODE offers bespoke, professional and confidential solutions to the Legal and Financial markets as well as private clients around the world.



Research and Location

With a wide network of professionals we are able to assist you in the research and location of existing and/or missing owners and beneficiaries of international estates, who might be difficult to trace in Europe and around the world.

Identification and Justification

Being versed with the different laws and legislations holding sway over successions around the world, we provide our expert services for the identification and justification of heirs/beneficiaries of deceased owners of international estate, anywhere in the world.

Advice and Coordination

Due to our wide experience, we understands the difficulties faced in the dealing of complex international succession's proceedings and handling of international estates. We are able to advise you in the best and most efficient way to deal with these as well as coordinating these proceedings on your behalf.

We understand the uniqueness of each case and their own specificities and are able to provide you with bespoke solutions to any requirements you might be facing in the dealing of international estates anywhere around the world.



Our expertise is centred on our understanding and knowledge of the cultures and different laws and legislations in place in the different parts of the world, which impact directly in the dealings of international successions and handling of international estates.

With a wide network of specialised professionals to assist us in our interventions around the world, we are able to assist our clients in dealing with any issues arising from the dealing and succession of international estates.



A Relationship of Trust

You have been contacted by us.

We contacted you in relation to your ownership in an international estate, either in your name or which you are not aware of as yet. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about the proceedings either directly or through your legal adviser, just get in touch with us quoting your case reference.

Problem with an international estate.

We are able to assist you and guide you regarding the different proceedings you will need to go through and the administrations you will need to contact wherever you are. We can also represent and protect your interests in the dealing of the estate, anywhere in the world.



EXODE presents all the pledges of confidentiality, professionalism and integrity, for the owners and beneficiaries found by its care, and for its clients. All cases dealt with by EXODE are all covered by its own professional indemnity insurance.
 This insurance covers the personal representatives, EXODE, as well as any beneficiaries identified by its care.




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SYGENE – France

Active member of ‘SYGENE’ professional genealogist chamber in France, ascribing to their Code of Deontology.
 Member of GDF (Généalogistes de France), the Union of all Professional Genealogist Chambers in France.


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